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You CAN Have Your Cake: One-year-old Cake Smash and Splash Sessions

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

| West Sussex Cake Smash and Splash Photographer |

The old famous saying "You can't have your cake and eat it"... Well within our beautiful Cake Smash and Splash Sessions based in West Sussex, each and every child CAN have their cake and eat it, throw it, snot all over it, smoosh it into the walls - the main thing is that they enjoy their first huge milestone celebration.

Its no small achievement for you and your baby celebrating their very first year on earth! As parents, a year you've spent having sleepless nights, watching your little one sit up for the first time, having your baby reach to hold your hand. You've fed them their first foods, encouraged them to take their first steps and built an unbreakable forever bond. You've shown love, nourishment, unconditional support and thats only the start of whats to come. This day should be celebrated like no other.

What Is a Cake Smash and Splash Session?

Imagine your dream theme, whether that's Coco Melon, The Gruffalo, Dr Suess or something much simpler, with your little one all dressed up in your chosen outfit. Now imagine them sat in-front of this beautifully designed theme tucking into their cake smash cake, with icing-covered smiles, giggling away having the most wonderful time. Now how amazing does that sound? Cake smash photography not only provides a fun, unique way to celebrate your little ones first or second birthday, but also provide a beautiful opportunity to capture your little one's curiosity and personality whilst having the most amount of fun! AND we get to round off the session with splash time in our clawfoot tub which always wins the award of 'most baby smiles captured in the shortest amount of time'.

What happens in a Panda Creative Photography Cake Smash and Splash Session?

Our Cake Smash Sessions based in West Sussex are wholeheartedly geared towards your little one having fun. Just think of it as messy play, with four important stages to document along the way:

1. Start with Family and Sibling Portraits - This is where we capture those all-important family and sibling photographs! These are usually photographed on the same backdrop as the cake smash, however if you'd prefer a plain/neutral backdrop this can always be arranged!

Sibling Portaits Fairy Garden West Sussex Photography

2. Individual Portraits of your little one in front of the theme! We then move into capturing some gorgeous individual portraits of your little one as this session is all about them - it is their Birthday after all! These portraits are captured with a selection of our professional props such as chairs, little wooden beds and beautiful baskets!

Girly Themed Fairy Garden Enchanted Portrait Photography

3. Introducing the almighty Cake Smash Cake - This is when the fun starts! Introducing all things messy but oh so sweet. Your baby can eat, kick, throw, smoosh their face right into the cake and enjoy every single moment. This part of the session is completely baby-led, if they need a break, a drink or maybe even a messy cuddle with mum or dad, that's totally fine. We go at their pace and capture the most beautiful images along the journey.

Enchanted garden Cake Smash and Splash Baby Girl

4. Rounding off with Splash time - If your baby's not fond of their cake, a splash time always seems to win over their playfulness and smiles! I mean, who wouldn't want to eat cake and then sit in a tub splashing away? These images make for beautiful set of photos that will capture your little one's special day perfectly.

Splash Photography Fairy Garden West Sussex

What makes our Cake Smash Sessions so special?

Cake smash photography are incredible gifts to family and friends, providing the most special set of imagery for you to treasure for years ahead, this is exactly why here at Panda Creative Photography we ensure every detail is accounted for starting with your chosen theme. Each and every cake smash we capture is all unique and bespoke to the individual child, this meaning that each theme is fully customisable to your unique requests.

We discuss in length in your phone consultation what you are looking for, colour favourites, balloons or cut-outs and everything that creates the most gorgeous creative set! You want a Unicorn theme? Not a problem. You'd like a Star Wars styled theme? Not a problem. You're a Harry Potter fan and want a theme along the lines of Hogwarts? Bring it on! We love a challenge and creating these gorgeous one-off sets for our clients.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your little one tucking into their cake whilst we capture the most perfect photographs for you and your family. Book your Cake Smash & Splash Session with us today to mark this monumental occasion.

Home Studio just a few minutes away from Worthing nestled into the South Downs of Sompting, West Sussex BN15 0JP. United Kingdom.


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