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*Example/s of our 24 x 24" and 30 x 30" Multi-Aperture Frames in the Studio.

Multi - Aperture  Frame


Our Multi-Aperture frames are a stunning and unique way to showcase your gorgeous photographs within your home. Handmade by skilled craftsmen within the UK. Imagine this frame hanging proudly within your living room, or placed perfectly above your baby’s crib, this is certainly a luxury product to show off. With a vast array of stunning handcrafted framing options for you to choose from, available in many shapes and sizes, using thick singular or double mounts, this frame stuns its viewers. Its a beautiful way to storyboard your high-resolution photographs from our session together and freeze that moment in time forever. Finished with a choice of plain glass, non-reflective glass or perfectly heat sealed, our Multi-Aperture frame is certainly popular.


20 x 20" - £399

24 x 24" - £499


30 x 30" - £699


30 x 12" - £499

30 x 24" - £599


40 x 20" - £699

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Veritcal Wall-Art collections worthing photographer



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