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When Should You Schedule Your Newborn Session? | When To Book A Newborn Photoshoot

The big questions we get asked regularly "When should I schedule my Newborn Session with you?"...

There is no right or wrong time to book one of these timeless photography sessions, however we know towards the end of your pregnancy there is a lot going on and hospital bags need to be packed, cots built and houses rearranged to make sure everything is perfect for your little one’s arrival. But with all this going on, when do you book a newborn photoshoot? The earlier you contact your newborn photographer, the better chance you have at getting your due date booked in!

When should I book a newborn photographer?

Speaking from a photography point of view, you should try to arrange your Newborn Session during or before your third trimester (27 weeks), ideally earlier if you are planning on using a popular photographer. Often newborn photographers’ calendars are filled up months in advance as they only take a limited amount of due dates per month to ensure they always have room for sessions, so speaking to them and booking your session will make sure that you have a slot for when baby is here.

The advantage of booking earlier on in pregnancy is that towards entering the final stages of your pregnancy journey your photographer will have perfectly planned your full session and be waiting for your little one's safe arrival. You can also spend time looking at your photographer's galleries online and visualising all your beautiful soon-to-be photographs!

How old does my baby need to be for newborn photography?

The best time to capture newborn photos is in their first two weeks (7-14 days). This is when your newborn is still very sleepy and a little easier to pose in those sweet curly poses. Babies at this age also generally are more comfortable and content during the photoshoot enabling lots of beautiful shots for your family to cherish.

[7-14 days]

However, if you miss the 7-14 day mark all is not lost, you can still have newborn photography sessions up to around 8 weeks after your little one is born! Some parents prefer to capture their baby in later weeks as their little one is usually more awake, wide-eyed and aware of what’s going on which can make for some stunning photos. This type of session also usually focuses on that eye-contact however if your baby is either premature or still super sleepy, most photographers can still capture those curly newborn poses and work their magic!

[Up to around 8 weeks]

If you've missed the newborn stage altogether, milestone photography sessions are also a beautiful way to capture your baby whilst they are still super small. These types of sessions are usually scheduled within the first 3-9 months. This is when your little bundle of squish starts to sit unaided (around 6 months), giggle and become more aware of the world around them.

[From around 3-9 months]

Will I lose my newborn photography shot if i’m late?

In short... absolutely no! You will not lose your slot. Many photographers are flexible when scheduling in newborn photography sessions as we know that babies don’t always (hardly ever!) arrive on the day they’re supposed to! If you are scheduled in advance to have a C-section then your photographer will most likely be able to provide a solid date for your diary. However, most newborn and family photographers will note your due date down in their diary (as they take a limited amount of due dates per month) which allows plenty of wiggle room in the diary for early and/or late arrivals.

Newborn photography is one of the most popular and classic ways to capture memories of your new baby, it’s important to make sure you book your newborn photoshoot to make sure you don’t miss out! We cover Newborn photography all over West Sussex including Worthing, Brighton, Chichester and beyond! Contact us today to chat about booking in your International Award Winning Newborn Photoshoot or simply to ask any questions you may have! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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