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Two Can Be Better Than One: Newborn Poses for Twins & Multiples

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Hello everyone! I've been racking my brains lately about new and interesting topics to start off our Panda Creative blog, and what better to start with than a gorgeous set of Newborn Twins we had in the studio a few weeks back - Everyone meet Reuben and Darcey, the most scrummy little angles!

Reuben and Darcey's Twin Newborn Session was one of my most memorable sessions to date. Both bubba's slept like an absolute dreams due to mummy & daddy following our very well put together pre-session or 'morning before your session' prep guide. Apart from the odd VERY judgemental glare from young Darcey when trying to swaddle her up (which all of us found extremely funny) the session was incredibly smooth. Ultimately both Reuben and Darcey aced their session with us, capturing an absolutely stunning array of not only Twin poses but Singular poses too.

Wrapped Twin Newborn Poses:

When posing Newborns you always have safety at the forefront of every.single.pose. - I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure your Newborn Photographer has the experience and knowledge to pose your precious babies without inflicting any injury or causing any long lasting damage to your baby. ALWAYS have a parent spotting/hovering their hands above baby. When I'm conducting my newborn sessions I talk through mostly each pose with the parents and explain the process. Many parents find this comforting and I see them relax a little more in their seat knowing their baby is safe with an expert. When it comes to posing twins, finding an experienced photographer is all the more important. Do. Your. Research. Posing one baby can sometimes be tricky enough, but with two you need to really ensure your photographer knows the right techniques, transitions and rules to ensure a calm & tranquil newborn session.

1. "Tushie Up" and Forward Facing Pose

2. Natural Newborn Poses on Flokati

3. Potato Sack Wrap Twin Pose

4. Backlit Close-up Details Of Your Twins

& Many more beautiful poses! For more examples of our twin newborn posing, please check out our portfolio.

"Amber is such a lovely, creative photographer who really captured some beautiful pictures of my newborn twins. She was so flexible and relaxed that it put myself and my husband at ease straight away, and we had such a fun time in the studio with her. Amber knew twin specific poses to put our bubbas into and safety was always her number one priority. Plus, we’d never seen our newborns so peaceful for so long, despite being handled and faffed with constantly - they clearly knew they were in safe hands. Could not recommend her enough!" - Amy & John's Google Review post-session. 2022.

Behind the Scenes VS. Final Edit composed Safely.

This is where I say, Thankyou Amy & John for being the most wonderful, relaxed and trustworthy Clients throughout the whole of your experience bringing Reuben and Darcey to Panda Creative Photography. You guys are absolutely smashing twin parenthood and your beautiful children are very lucky to have you both. I look forward to hopefully more snuggles in the future with some (not so little) babies!

Amber xo

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