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How To Pose A Newborn For Photos

Newborn photos are some of the sweetest, most precious photos parents will ever have of their babies. They grow and change so quickly, taking them to a newborn photographer in those first few weeks is the best way to capture them in time.

Newborn baby in bear outfit, surrounded by teddy bears. Panda Creative Photography

Posing Your Newborn Safely

The most important thing to consider when posing your newborn with the photographer is the baby’s safety. No matter what position they are put in or who is holding them, they should always be held in a safe, supported way.

A good rule of thumb when parent-posing is to always make sure there are at least three points of contact supporting them: two adult hands and an arm, or a chest. This can make for some stunning poses while keeping the little one completely safe.

It is also important that parents are comfortable with the positions that the newborn photographer is putting their newborn in. As professionals all newborn and baby photographers will understand that parent comfort is just as important as baby’s, so if there are any poses they’re not completely comfortable with, this will usually be discussed prior to your session in your pre-consultation.

Family Newborn Photos

Perfect family pictures, these simple poses are very effective at capturing the happiness (and a little tiredness!) of new parents, along with the sleep aspect of your newborn baby!

As long as the baby is held securely either in an arm, on a chest, or even over a shoulder; there is a whole range of positions parents can stand, sit or crouch in to capture timeless images of your newest tiny addition to the family.

Most photographers will offer the traditional approach to family photography also within their sessions. This type of portrait where all the family stands “front on” is a very long-established way to photograph and is reproduced by photographers all over the world.

Mum and Dad standing holding a newborn baby in silhouette style. Panda Creative Photography.

Natural Newborn Photos

Singular newborn photographs are some of the cutest of all, allowing your baby to be the complete centre of attention.

Again, the most important thing to consider with any newborn photography is the safety of the baby. Any pose that the photographer puts a baby in needs to make sure that they’re completely supported and comfortable - which is why the bean bag and blankets are a studio staple for all professional and safety-trained newborn photographers!

Newborns can be posed safely on their tummies, backs or sides as long as they are supported, but as parents, if you’re not comfortable with a pose then just don’t do it, there’s no pressure!

Depending on the photographer’s studio, newborns can be posed in all kinds of positions, popular props include small beds, buckets, and baskets which bring a beautiful rustic feel to the photographs, especially if the baby is swaddled or wrapped in cozy knits like blankets or hats.

Newborn baby curled on it's side holding a teddy bear and smiling. Panda Creative Photography.

Posing Your Newborn With Siblings

Sibling photos are just as important as photographs with Mum and Dad. Creating beautiful timeless imagery of your children (and fur babies too!) is a lovely way to capture all the family growing up and changing, providing something that will be perfect for walls, halls, and mantelpieces in generations ahead.

Parents will know how comfortable they are with siblings actually holding the baby, but there are still ways to get stunning sibling photos without that. The best thing to do is to move your newborn into a comfortable, safe position and pose and then move siblings around. Brothers and sisters can lay on the floor alongside babies, behind them, or even just look at them to create a more natural shot. Most newborn photographers will be versatile in this and will work with parents to make sure that they are comfortable.

…Or if your photographer really knows their stuff, they can edit two photographs together to create one masterpiece!

Three siblings pose on the floor holding their new baby sister. Panda Creative Photography.

Newborn Photo Outfits

A novelty that creates a permanent talking point, using outfits in newborn photography is a lovely way to bring some originality to the photo shoot to create photographs that will always be looked back at fondly.

Parents don’t always need to supply their own outfits, often newborn photographers have a huge selection of outfits, hats, wraps, headbands, and accessories that babies can be dressed up in to create adorable photographs

Newborn photography is our favorite thing, so get in touch with us if you want to book a shoot!

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