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From Bump to Baby - Worthing Maternity & Newborn Photography

Finding out you’re going to be parents is one of the most exciting moments in anyone’s life. Whether you’re finding out about your first baby or your fifth, seeing those lines on the test or hearing those results from the Doctor is a life-definining moment.

Celebrations, tears, hugs and lots of phone calls and social media updates later, and you’ve had the chance to take in how your life is about to change and start planning.

One of the first things that these newly-minted Mums look for is a newborn photographer to capture photographs of their bundle of joy when they eventually arrive, however another beautiful session style of photo shoot that can be fantastic for documenting your journey is increasing in popularity: From Bump To Baby Shoots.

What is a bump to baby shoot?

Bump to baby photoshoots combine Newborn Photography and Pregnancy/Maternity Photography to document your journey through becoming parents, the changes in your body over time and the beautiful moment your baby arrives into the world.

Bump to baby photoshoots usually include two or three sessions over the course of your pregnancy, with the last one being a more traditional Newborn Photoshoot to capture utterly timeless imagery of the newest addition to the family.

When are bump to baby pictures taken?

Depending on the package and photographer, Bump to Baby Sessions usually are booked later on in your pregnancy journey once you have an established bump. However sometimes sessions can be between 4 and 8 months to showcase the growth of your bump, send family a surprise reveal image overseas's or most traditionally or right at the later end stage of pregnancy, merely a few weeks before your due date.

Can partners come to bump to baby photoshoots?

The sessions you have before baby are a great opportunity to get beautiful couple pictures together with your bump. These can be really effective and create stunning images that showcase your relationship with your partner as well as with your baby. Plus, you'll have a gorgeous gallery to show your little one as they grow up!

Most bump to baby and baby specialist photographers will be more than happy to include partners in photoshoots, however most maternity sessions are soley focused on Mum and bump - this is not to say that photographers will not provide the perfect mix of solo and couple photographs!

The same applies to Newborn Photoshoots, with the sessions themselves being a fabulous opportunity to get those precious first family photographs, individual solo photographs of baby but also a chance to capture the unique closeness of a Mum and baby.

Couples Posed Maternity Photography, Grey Background and Black accessories

What’s the benefit of a bump to baby photoshoot?

Bump to baby photoshoots allow you to capture your pregnancy, something which can often be overlooked in favour of just opting for newborn photography, but bump photoshoots have a beauty all of themselves.

Capturing the changes to your body and coupling this with the same style of shoot with the newborn baby always results in powerful images. It’s very easy to forget - especially for other family members - the uniqueness of your pregnancy, so having this captured in a photoshoot will help to remind everyone what happened in those nine months.

Documenting the intimacy of pregnancy, coupled with showing how your body housed and grew a tiny human for 9 months and later bought a precious baby into the world, is something that should not go a miss. These two major milestones are images will be looked back over generations. Book yours in today!

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