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Family Photoshoot Outfits: The best Outfit Ideas for Family Photographs

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Family photoshoots are the best way to capture moments in time so you can see the history of your family. From when your kids are newborn babies right the way through their childhood, including all of the wacky haircuts, fashion styles and even pets; the family photoshoot creates a visual record you can cherish forever.

But what do you wear for a family photoshoot? Here's our guide to family photoshoot attire:

What To Wear for Formal Family Photos?

It's fun to dress up every now and then, and formal family photos where everyone has their gladrags on make for beautiful images to have in your home.

For adults formal wear is easy - a nice shirt and smart trousers or a nice dress often covers most bases, but it largely depends on how formal the photoshoot is and the kind of shots you're expecting to take. Full length, large family photos might mean you need to dress formally from head to toe, but if you're expecting to take close up photos or more intimate family pictures, this might not be needed.

Do you need a tie? Suit jacket? Do you need to wear heels or will comfortable shoes work just as well? Whatever you decide to wear, the sweetest and most important thing is that your kids match you in formality. There's nothing cuter than sons wearing identical mini-outfits to their Dads or daughters wearing the same dress as Mums, and these make for beautiful family photos.

What To Wear For Casual Family Photos?

When it comes to more casual family photos, comfort is king. We're not suggesting you turn up in your dressing gown or decorating trousers, but make sure that whatever outfit you choose to wear is comfortable, especially if you are planning on having more relaxed photos like ones on the floor or playing with props and toys with the family photographer.

When the kids are comfortable, they'll be much happier too. This will give them a freedom that can be tough to replicate in formal photos, and when they're in their normal clothes is often when photographers can get their best, most-natural shots.

Ultimately, casual family shoots will capture the more everyday nature of your relationships with your kids and partner that formal photos tend to miss in favour of appearance. The fun poses you like to strike, the shoulder rides, the piggy backs and all the family fun that makes up most normal days.

Themed Family Photos

The most fun you can have at a family photoshoot, is without a doubt the themed photoshoot. Whether it's a theme around a hobby you all enjoy, where you're from or something that means a lot to you all, themed photo shoots are amazing ways to create unique pictures that will be a talking point for your family for years.

It could be a sport shoot where team kit or equipment is used to create fun action shots of goals, shots or wickets, it could be a choreographed dance move or an acrobatic stunt. Even a family outfit that all matches, the most popular of which is of course the family Christmas card with everyone in matching pyjamas.

While comfort may need to be sacrificed for the sake of the theme, the most important thing is that every family member is happy with their outfits so they can feel confident. Matching and complimenting outfits will not only make the photos fabulous, but will also create a lot of fun and laughter during the shoot.

Within every session here at Panda Creative Photography, family and sibling photography is included. If you want to know more about family photoshoots then check out our newborn photography and milestone photography pages, or contact us for details of booking a family photoshoot.

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