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Are Maternity and Newborn Photos worth it?

There are many views on whether or not mums think #maternityphotography and/or #newbornphotography is worth it. Some look at the price tag and are put off, others sit on the fence before it’s too late to capture the first days of your curled up little bundles of love. So, what do you think? Are you reading this wondering whether or not to book a Maternity and/or Newborn session? Are you unsure whether you think it is worth it? My answer is short is: YES! It is always worth it, book before it becomes too late!

…Of course, you think I am going to say this because it’s my job, however, even before I was photographing newborn and maternity sessions my answer has always been yes. Let me explain to you why I think these sessions are one of the most beautiful reminders to look back on through of all phases of life.

Capturing your bump and/or Newborn is an experience you will never be able re-live or capture again. Every baby is individual. Every birth is beautiful. Every moment is so precious and delicate. So why skip capturing these moments?

A Maternity photoshoot captures the evolving moments of you becoming parents. It's a great way to celebrate the incredible change your body has made to provide a safe home for your little one to grow. Of course it's personal preference whether or not you want professional images of your bump, but many mums have always been so grateful that I have captured these precious moments. The photoshoot can be a fun way to reveal your baby's gender, freeze a moment in time or simply provide sweet memories to reflect back on the journey that lead you to becoming a family in the first place. The photoshoots can be tailored to your specific aesthetic - natural, posed, stylised or whatever your idea is! Nothing beats a glowy gorgeous mumma to be walking through our door.

At Newborn stage It can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming being first time parents, many mums saying that the first few months/weeks after birth are a complete blur and wish they'd had images taken. Being able to capture those tiny details for you to look back on months/years later are moments you'll never forget - I promise you, you wont regret it! Nothing comes close to looking back over such sweet and precious memories. Newborns really only look like newborns for the first few weeks! Before you know it, weeks, months and years go by… so let a professional safely capture the small window before he or she starts to gain their chunk and can’t curl up into a newborn anymore.

Newborn Baby heart bow prop Professional photography

I understand the price tag can sometimes look daunting, and many parents are happy to just take photographs on their phones - which is totally ok! But if you are wanting a specific style, pose, look - always go to a professional who specialises in the trade, has the experience and safety certifications to handle your newborn confidently. This ensures that all your images are exactly how you'd visioned them, regardless of price. Like anything, cutting corners can sometimes mean cutting quality. Both Maternity and Newborn sessions are priceless, and only a professional is able to capture these emotive results. I know new parents take thousands of images on their phones, but nothing compares to how a professional will capture these tiny little details of your little ones features. You will be astounded by the passion, love and hours of work that goes into these sessions prior, during and after.

My honest opinion is if you are sitting on the fence regarding booking a Maternity and/or Newborn photoshoot, do it. You only get one chance at capturing these memories for you and your loved ones to look back on.

Black and White Newborn Photography Fine Art Posing with hands

I am so thankful and unbelievably lucky that I get to capture these photographs for my clients and build up such strong trusting relationships with families. A good photographer who specialises in Maternity and Newborn photography has worked/works extremely hard in their trade and builds up trust with clients and their loved ones. Photography to me is not only my passion, but it is my life. To be able to create images that others love is so incredibly special - Thank-you for reading this post. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me at or head over to our 'contact us' section on our web page xo

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