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As a wedding photographer I can understand the time and effort put into planning your wedding day as you’ll want those special moments captured perfectly. But how do you know which photographer is right for you and your other? Having the right Wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make planning your big day. They need to have artistic flare, a professional appearance, experience and most of all a connection with you. I’ve produced a series of 15 Questions that get asked prior to booking a Wedding or Engagement that will help you on your journey.

1. What is your shooting style?

When looking for a Wedding Photographer you will know what type of imagery you prefer. Wether thats documentary style, natural, stylised or classic traditional its important that the photographer you choose can cater for your chosen style.

2.  What Wedding packages do you offer and what do they include? 

Depending on the cost of the package will depend on what is included. If you have a larger budget for your photographer you will obtain more imagery in different mediums. You want to make sure when booking a Wedding photographer you get a pre-wedding consultation, visit to the venue, album, editing and/or potential prints or engagement shoots.  If you go for a smaller package, ensure that you find out exactly whats included in the package so you wont have to pay any additional charges you already thought were included. 

3. How many Weddings have you photographed? 

This isn’t always an important question as every photographer has to start somewhere, however it does indicate how much they are likely to charge. For example if you have an incredibly experienced photographer who shoots 20 or less Weddings a year, their prices will be higher. If you have a less experienced photographer trying to establish themselves in the industry their prices will be lower. But as long as your happy with the work, price and experience money shouldn’t matter!

4. Have you got examples of your work? 

Seeing an album or a compilation of a few weddings put together gives you a feel of the imagery you will receive on your wedding day. Most Wedding photographers like myself have a blog in which you can view images or a Website. 

5. Have you taken photographs at my venue before? If not would you be happy in visiting the venue prior to the day? 

As stated above, seeing your Photographers albums is very important and even more so if they have photographed at your venue before! It gives a clear indication of what you will receive on the day. 

6. Do you plan on bringing a photography Assistant with you on the day? or will it just be you?

Some Photographers have assistants, or also known as a secondary photographer to capture and cover all the angles. This can be very beneficial to your wedding album as you will receive more coverage of your day, however an experienced main photographer can capture your day silently and you probably wouldn’t even know they are there! Sometimes having a few more assistants can be busy, but this comes down to personal choice.

7. What information do you need from us before the Wedding day?

Its important to ask your Photographer this question as they will most likely want a run-through of the day! This can then allow the photographer to fit all your requirements in and you can both sit down and plan together. Communication here is key. 

8. Will I get the photographs selected by you? and how many photographs will I expect?

Most Wedding Photography packages will address the amount of images you get with each package, but if not make sure you ask them. Sometimes its also cheaper to get the photographs printed yourself if your opting for a smaller package, just ensure they are printed on quality paper to gain full definition of the photograph.

9. How much deposit do you require?

Wedding photographers, or any photographer will ask for a deposit. This then covers the Photographer if you were to cancel last minute as they have booked aside a lot of time for your special day. Depending on the package you require will depend on the amount you will have to put down to book. 

10. What is your refund/cancellation policy? 

Your deposit will be non-refundable up until a certain date. Ensure you ask your photographer when booking what specific date is otherwise unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it unless the contract states different! 

11. If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge? 

Most Wedding Photographers work a 10 hour day, sometimes even 12! Which is normally more than enough time to capture everything. But make sure you ask them if your day runs over will they want extra pay? Some photographers charge by the hour if your day ran over the time duration. 

12. Do you carry back up equipment?

Sometimes your photographer can have all singing all dancing equipment, but what happens if the camera battery dies unexpectedly? Ensure that the photographer has enough equipment to cover them just incase the unexpected happens. 

13. Can I please give a list of shots we would specifically like? 

Speaking regularly to your photographer, or even just exchanging a couple of emails is very important when it comes to asking for images you specifically want. Most Wedding Photographers love a list of shots from their clients as it then gives them an idea of what your looking for and how to keep you happy! 

14. Do I need to cover your travel costs? 

This is just another question you want answered to ensure there are no extra costs for you. Some photographers may travel far and want fuel money for over a certain distance traveled or overnight accommodation pre-paid. 

15. When can we expect to see the finished Wedding photographs? 

You will ultimately want to know when you can view your Wedding album online and if you are wanting re-prints, extra additions to your package or a paperback album how much this will cost. Don’t sit there in silence! Always ask your photographer and keep in contact. 

For anyone who’s looking for their wedding photographer I hope this helps and happy planning!

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